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Power Conditioning Device

Poor Power Factor and Power Quality could be costing you thousands of dollars in penalties a month.

Poor Power Factor and Poor Power quality will cause:

  • Significant Power factor penalties on your bill

  • Premature equipment failure 

  • Equipment interruptions 

  • Loss in productivity 

  • Dirty emissions 

Advantages of Power Conditioning System​ Include:

  • Eligible SaveOnEnergy incentives 

  • Make equipment last longer and run more efficiently 

  • Reduce emissions by reducing energy consumption

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Edgecom Energy's Power Conditioning Device can correct up to 11 electrical power problems:

  • Voltage & Current Imbalance Problems

  • Totally Eliminate High Harmonics Issues with our Active Harmonics Filter

  • Voltage Transients or Surge Problems with our new PowerSORB TVSS

  • Voltage fluctuations and Flickering

  • Mitigating in-Rush Currents

  • Overheated Transformer

  • Nuisance Tripping Breakers

  • Power Factor Penalty

  • High Electricity Bills Due to KVA/KVAR Charge

  • Waste on Maintenance Due to Poor Power Quality

  • Ride thru of utility auto fault re-closures

Case Study:

Power Conditioning Device

A suspension manufacturing facility in southern Ontario had a very low power factor. The Power Factor penalty on their bills was thousands of dollars a month.  


Using a Power Conditioning Device from Edgecom Energy, the facility was able to completely eliminate this fee.


The Power Conditioning system provided ride-through for voltage sags which reduced the number of power interruptions. Power interruptions have gone from an average of eight per per year, to zero in 2019.


The facility also experienced less maintenance down-time.  Significant Save on Energy rebates further shortened the payback of this investment. 

Increased Machinery lifetime

Project Cost after incentive: $17,594

Simple Payback: 2.12 Years

Power Conditioning Devices

Power Conditioning Devices Vs. PFCC

Hundreds of customers have earned Save On Energy incentive with the installation of our Power Conditioning Devices.

Savings are Verified via IESO Approved Measurement and Verification (M&V) 

Power Conditioning Device

  • PF penalty avoidance 

  • Guaranteed 1-3.5% savings 

  • Save on Energy incentive 


  • PF penalty avoidance 

On/Off testing verified 1-3.5% garenteed savings in KW and KWH

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