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pTrack™ for Distributed Energy Resources

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At Edgecom Energy we believe in challenging the status quo in the energy efficiency industry. 

Our solutions make energy management simple. Our easy to use software brings everything you need to manage electricity, water and gas. Not only can you see your energy data, but our experts can help you analyze the data and act on it 


Accurate Peak Predictions 
pTrack™ Distributed Energy Resources
Optimize distributed energy resource operation
Demand Response 
Better curtailment higher payment
Realtime data drives results
Give your building a tune-up.

Peak Management solution for Ontario - pTrack™

The Industrial Conservation (ICI) program allows large electricity consumers in Ontario to save up to 70% on their bills. 
pTrack™ by Edgecom Energy makes managing the ICI program a breeze. No more guessing - no more refreshing charts 24/7. 
Text, Auto-Phone Call and Email alerts let you know when to act. Our accurate Deep Learning software does the rest. 

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