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pTrack™ Peak Predictions

pTrack™ is our ICI program Peak Prediction Service. It provides accurate peak predictions for Ontario Class A  energy consumers.
pTrack™ provides you with everything you need to hit the peaks and reduce GA costs.

Highest Accuracy

The latest Machine Learning techniques, combined with our team's decade long experience in ICI is your edge in hitting the peaks every time.

Less Curtailments

Hit the peaks with less downtime.

Proven Track Record

Five years of proven results. Never missed a peak.

Demand Response

Demand response (DR) allows large energy consumers across Ontario to earn revenue from the IESO while reducing emissions and helping the grid during times of stress.

To participate, all you need to do is be available to curtail electricity load a few times per year.
Edgecom Energy ensures you receive the highest payouts for participation in Demand Response:

  • Edgecom Energy Payment

    90% of Total

  • Competitor A

    80% of Total
  • Competitor B
    65% of Total
pTrack™ Portal

IoT Energy Monitoring

See everything you need to manage your energy in one place. Bills, real time consumption, alarms, Demand Response and more. No more switching between different apps and different tabs. All you need is right here.

See everything you need to manage energy in one place

Works with a large variety of legacy meters and sub-meters

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Edgecom Energy Portal Everything you need for managing energy in one place.

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Perfect Accuracy

“pTrack™ made our peak management for ICI easier. We got the info we needed without too many messages.”
Yves Simard
CFO of Dunn Paper

Easy to Use

"pTrack™ makes our job easier and ensures that we maximize our savings from opting in as a Class A customer"
Chetan Pathak
Facilities Manager of Voyant Beauty

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Edgecom's NOC enables secure and reliable DER asset management powered by Blockchain technology.
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Alert Labs' Partnership with Edgecom Energy provides turn-key flood detection and water monitoring.

Kyle Arbuckle
Strategic IoT Facilities and Utilities Advisor
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Edgecom Energy's platform makes it easy to see how we're performing in real time and tweak our operations to maximize savings and our climate impact.

Verena Matsugu
General Manager
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pTrack™ helped Dunn Paper's facility in St. Catherines increase their Global Adjustment savings.

Rod Michalko
Energy Manager
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The solution provided ride-through for voltage sags which reduced the number of power interruptions.

Edward Godsalve
Production Manager
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