Our system gives you unprecedented visibility and accuracy for actionable and valuable insights into your energy consumption.
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Make Better Decisions

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Data & Visibility

See what's running inside your facilities from anywhere
Stay informed of what's going on in your facilities. Our portal covers energy usage from your entire facility down to the individual machine
Never miss a peak with our accurate peak prediction program, and minimalize opportunity costs through planning or battery dispatch
No IT or training required. True Wireless and without your network, with customized APIs available. Easily installed for a headache-free experience

Energy & Sustainability

Helping you build the foundations for your route to decarbonization
View your grid impact directly and understand how you can benefit by supporting the grid
Transparent calculations on your scope 1 and scope 2 emissions. Gain insights to reduce costs and emissions
Meet reduction targets and prove your track record with unlimited historic data from first record
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Operations & Efficiency

We provision insights for you, so you can focus on what matters
Incentive programs are sometimes hard to navigate, so let us help you participate or qualify for programs that provide direct revenue
Prevent disruptions with data that allows your to plan maintenance without backsliding. Outlier alarms will notify you as events happen in real time
Live data feed of what's happening within your facilities in real time, without having to be there

Energy Management Simplified

One Goal - One Portal

All our data blends seamlessly with one another, so all your data is always in one place.
Responsible consumption requires efficient consumption. Edgecom develops products tailored to people who need the information to make informed decisions about their facilities. Remove the barriers stopping you from maximizing your efficiency and sustainability opportunities.
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