About Us

Our mission is to enable responsible energy consumption for large energy users through data and visibility

Our Philosophy

Rising energy demand requires knowing how and when to consume energy. Edgecom Energy provide the data to help you understand your consumption and effects on the grid, as well as your solutions that are all built into one portal. Your data is presented from the highest level to the granular devices, allowing you to make the best decisions.
Any equipment upgrades and process improvements should be done without worries of backsliding. Our products and partners, including our sister company Circuit Energy, allow us to deliver solutions for the biggest areas of opportunity your consumption. All of the products and systems we implement will have IPMVP verified energy savings, so you can be confident in your choices.
You can’t control what you can’t see, and having the most updated information will allow for the most efficient processes. Utilizing the most up to date information from the grid, pTrack allows our Network Operations Center to aggregate your energy data and improve how your energy is managed and consumed. Live pricing is also available to make sure your battery energy storage systems and distributed energy resources maximize their potential.

Meet Our Team

We're a growing team of talented individuals who aspire to make a difference and focused on helping large energy consumers. Here are some of the team members that ensure customers success.
Behdad Bahrami Photo
Behdad Bahrami
Mehdi Parvizi Photo
Mehdi Parvizi
Chief Technology Officer
Colin Lee Photo
Colin Lee
VP of Sales
Ali Shans Photo
Ali Shans
Director of Business Development
Tanner Behrend Photo
Tanner Behrend
Funding and Expansion Manager
Courntey Conway Photo
Courtney Conway
Customer Success Manager
Christopher Bradey Photo
Christopher Bradey
Sales Associate