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High Performance Building

Edgecom Energy is a trusted partner for investors and developers seeking to design and operate high-performance assets that prioritize a positive occupant experience.

Our Process

Simply connect us with your design team as soon as they have the Massing Study / SD Architectural Drawings and the Mechanical / Electrical Design Briefs
We provide parametric study of different envelope performance values, mechanical system selections and other energy conservation measures to help the design team achieve compliance for each submission. Our energy model regularly updated as the design progresses to DD and CD phases to make sure every design decision is in line with compliance requirements.


Low Carbon Building Design

Early Design Optimization

Energy Modelling & Strategies

Regulatory Submissions

Green Building Certification

LEED V4 & V4.1 Submission

CaGBC ZeroCarbon

EnergyStar Multifamily

Decarbonizing Existing Buildings

Energy, Carbon, and Water Audit Services

Decarbonization Frameworks


Whole Building Life Cycle Analysis
Thermal Bridging Calculations
Zero Carbon Studies
Daylight Simulation
Measurement and Verification (M&V)

Who We Work With

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Clients We Partnered With In The Past

Some of our longest-standing clients have now become recognized sustainability leaders amongst their peers, receiving prestigious awards and outperforming industry benchmarks. We support our clients by providing industry-leading strategies, as well as tools and technologies to achieve our clients’ sustainability goals.