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Frequently asked questions

What is pTrack™ ?

pTrack™ is Edgecom Energy's service for Class A consumers in Ontario. It uses artificial intelligence to accurately predict when the Top 5 peaks will occur and sends an alert via the web-based portal, text message, email and auto phone call.

What is the ICI Program?

Industrial Conservation Initiative. It allows large electricity users in Ontario to reduce their hydro rates while also helping to reduce the stress on the provincial electricity grid

What is required to qualify in the ICI Program?

To qualify for the ICI program, your average monthly peak demand should be greater than 1,000kW. If you are over 500kW and are in the manufacturing, greenhouse or nursery industries you are also eligible. Your peak demand number is on your hydro bills under 'Peak kW' or 'Demand kW'.

What is Class A and Class B?

Consumers who opt-in to the ICI program are Class A. Consumers who opt-out or are ineligible are Class B customers. Class A consumers pay Global Adjustment based on their Top 5 Peaks. Class B customers pay a per kWh rate.

What is the Global Adjustment fee?

The Global Adjustment (GA) is a cost which covers a variety of different programs that are required to run the Ontario electricity grid.​ It covers the difference between the market price and the contracted rates payed to generators across the province.

What are coincident peaks (CP's) and why are they important?
What is "curtailment"?
Why are peak predictions becoming increasingly difficult?
What if I can't curtail?
How do I receive savings from the ICI program?
Why can't I use IESO Power Data to get the Top 5 Peaks ?
How can I be sure pTrack™ will be accurate in predicting peaks?
How do you guarantee your performance?

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