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Global Adjustment Savings begin in July 2022

Best in Class in Energy Storage

We were proud to be named among the Cleantech award winners at the OSEA's 2021 Green Energy Doors Open Event. Our innovative battery energy storage solutions paired with our Blockchain based NOC was awarded best in class submission for the energy storage category.

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Powered by pTrack™

pTrack™ Energy Storage is Edgecom Energy’s proprietary DER (Distributed Energy Resources) management solution and builds on Edgecom Energy’s pTrack™ software which has predicted 100% of Ontario ICI Peaks since its launch in 2016.

pTrack™ Energy Storage Delivers:

High Accuracy – pTrack™ has never missed a Coincident Peak (CP). The advanced machine learning algorithms predict Ontario peaks using 17 different variables.

Blockchain powered Network Operation Center (NOC) – The highest level of security and reliability to connect to your DER asset.

Monitored and automated dispatch of your asset.

Live calculation of your dollar savings from curtailment as the season progress.

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What is the ICI Program?

The ICI Program allows Ontario Class A electricity consumers to save 60-70% on their hydro rates by taking advantage of peak management.

Edgecom Energy has been helping some of Ontario’s largest companies manage this program since 2016 with a perfect track record, hitting all 5 peaks every year.

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Why Edgecom Energy?

Edgecom Energy’s vision is to enable the benefits of efficient energy consumption for large energy users.

Battery Energy Storage Systems are one of the most cost-effective and easy to implement solutions large energy customers can deploy to reduce their costs and improve how they consume energy.

How is Edgecom Energy making this happen?
Can your BESS system also function as a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)?
What if I can already curtail most of my load?
How long has Edgecom Energy been around?
What are your guarantees for the BESS?

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