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Why Sub-Metering?

As utility prices continue to rise across Canada, condominium corporations are gradually turning to sub-metering as a way to save on monthly maintenance costs and to reduce energy consumption.

Sub-metering allows condominiums to cut their expenses by replacing bulk service costs with individual unit sub-metering. This allows unit owners or tenants to pay for their individual consumption, leading to reduced costs for the corporation and for the unit owners.

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Why Choose EE for Sub-Metering?

With our streamlined design, supply, delivery, and commissioning, you will benefit from our experience and skills, preventing expensive construction delays. Our dedicated project managers will oversee the transition from planning to construction to occupancy.

EE's unrivalled clinical discipline, industry-leading technical experience, on-demand support, and prompt problem solving eliminates project delays and reduces construction costs.

Our experts collaborate with engineers and building teams to design and build a personalized solution for your construction project. EE provides all metering equipment, with installation, commissioning and validation at no cost to the developer or property manager.


Without unit sub-metering landlords, property managers or condo boards can only divide utility costs evenly among occupants based on suite size rather than actual consumption.

This can lead to an unequal distribution of energy costs where "free-riders" use more than their fair share of energy, while getting subsidized by the rest of the corporation.

Sub-metering allows the owner to only pay for the consumption that they use, reducing total costs for the building and individual costs for unit owners and tenants.

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