Missed one of the ICI Top 5 peaks?

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"pTrack was accurate. Plain and simple. It makes our job easier and ensures that we maximize our savings in the ICI program"

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Curtailment Action Plan and Analysis (CAPA) report from Edgecom Energy will analyze your facility, summarize potential curtailment actions and give you an actionable report to maximize your savings.


Guaranteed results

Our pricing is based on our performance. If we don't perform, you don't pay.

pTrack™ Online Portal - See all your Energy Data in one place:


  • Real time Ontario Power data

  • Your facilities' live energy data

  • Both IESO and pTrack™ Ontario Demand ProjectionsChance of Peak Display - shows a percentage chance that a peak will occur today.

  • Overlay of the Top 7 peaks so far this base period on top of today's demand data

  • Live calculation of your dollar savings from curtailment as the season progresses

What is pTrack™ ? 

pTrac k™ is Edgecom Energy's service for Class A consumers in Ontario. It accurately

predicts when the Top 5 peaks will occur and sends an alert via the web-based portal, text message, email and auto phone call. 


What is the ICI Program?

Industrial Conservation Initiative. It is a program that allows large electricity users in

Ontario to reduce their hydro rates while also helping to reduce the stress on

the provincial electricity grid. 


What is required to qualify in the ICI Program?

To qualify in the ICI program, your average monthly peak demand should be greater

than 1,000kW. If you are over 500kW and are in manufacturing, greenhouse or

nursery industries you are also eligible. Your peak demand number is on your

hydro bills under 'Peak kW' or 'Demand kW'. 


What is Class A and Class B? 

Consumers who opt-in to the ICI program are Class A. Consumers who opt-out or are

ineligible are Class B customers. Class A consumers pay Global Adjustment based on their Top 5 Peaks. Class B customers pay a per kWh rate. 


What are the coincident peaks (CP's) and why are they important?

The coincident peaks are the 5 hours in the year when the Ontario grid is

undergoing the most stress. These top 5 peak hours are used as the basis for

charging Class A customers their Global Adjustment fee. The logic behind

it is that the more you contribute to system peaks, the more you should

pay and the less you contribute the less you should pay.


What is the cost to opt in as Class A customer?

There is no fee to opt in as a Class A consumer. ICI savings take effect on your

bills as a savings. 

What does curtailment mean?

Curtailment is the process of reducing electricity demand for a period of time.


What if I can't curtail?

Our Curtailment Action Plan and Analysis (CAPA) service will find curtailment

opportunities in your facility. You will receive a report with actions and

their resultant savings to your bottom line. In nearly every case, a minimum

10% reduction in peaks have been found. In addition to your curtailment, we can help you install and operate a Distributed Energy Resource (Battery system or Natural Gas generator)


How do i receive savings from the ICI program?

A Peak Demand Factor is set during the base period (May 1,2020

to April 30, 2021), this PDF is used to calculate your bills from July 1, 2021

to July 1, 2022)


Why can't I use IESO Power Data to get the Top 5 Peaks ?

You can. Curtailing via IESO data just means you will have to react more times

(over 25 times a year) and there is no guarantee that you will hit the Top 5.

Secondly, you will need to track provincial peaks daily. With pTrack™ this

is all taken care of.


How can I be sure pTrack™ will be accurate in predicting peaks?

pTrack™ has been predicting peaks since 2016 with a 100% track record. Our performance

is Guaranteed. This is why some of Ontario's largest energy consumers count on pTrack™

for their alerts.


How do you guarantee your performance?

If we call more days than promised, you will get a significant discount. If

we miss a peak, your service is discounted 50

Dunn Paper Saves Millions on Global Adjustment using pTrack™

pTrack™ helped Dunn Paper's facility in St. Catherines increase their Global Adjustment savings significantly.

pTrack™ does this by: 

  • Reducing the number of times they need to curtail to hit the peaks 

  • Giving their favility staff confidence in the notices by using the pTrack™ portal as an extra level of info. 

The Customer

A global leader in the shingles and commercial roofing sector with multiple Class A facilities throughout Ontario.


The Problem

Participating in the ICI program seemed to make sense. However making a proper business case and knowing when to curtail was a challenge. In some years the facility had to curtail 20+ times and missed a few of the peaks. This led to a huge increase in hydro rates the next Adjustment Period.


The Solution

A Curtailment Action Plan from Edgecom Energy analyzed the facilities' energy load and a curtailment plan was created. A systematic approach to curtailment was created.


The twelve day ahead outlook allows production and logistics to know about upcoming peak days well ahead of time.

Accurate Curtailment Peak Predictions provided by pTrack™ ensured all 5 peaks were hit with minimal curtailments. The reliable and accurate alerts ensured every team-member had the peak day info when it was required.


pTrack™ increased ICI savings by $4,200,000 a year, compared to the companies' previous ICI savings efforts.

What is 'Deep Learning' anyway?


  • Developed by a team of Data Scientist from the University of Waterloo

  • Analyzes and learns how others are behaving and improves predictions accordingly

  • Utilizes the latest machine learning and A.I technology methods in analyzing and predicting Ontario's electricity grid

  • This allows guaranteed results with far greater accuracy. The result is higher $ savings for our partner - with less effot

Case Study - How pTrack™ Enabled a huge roofing shingle manufacturer to improve their ICI savings

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