Easy to install with long-range connectivity, improve your operational efficiency with real-time, secure, granular visibility of your machine health and operational parameters
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You Can Only Manage What You Measure

Facilities that aren't measuring at the device level are akin to operating in the dark. Control your productivity and maintenance costs by getting ahead of the problem. Get real time data of your machine performance, consumption data, and outlier alerts to prevent unnecessary maintenance. No IT or Network Connection Required!
LoRaWAN without needing your own network
Monitor your operations at a granular level
API for your data integrations
True wireless and easy to install
Collects energy data and set alerts for outliers
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Unparalleled Scalability & Unprecedented Granularity

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Know when to avoid penalties, prevent productivity loss, and start predictive maintenance
Compare historical data and performance, and get instantly alerted to any deviations from your preferred performance
dataTrack comes with all of the benefits and access of real-time data of up to 500 sensors per hub, all without creating headaches for your IT department

Modernize Your Industrial Submetering

All Your Data On One Platform

Sensors are fully wireless, battery powered, and easy to install
dataTrack operates on LoRaWan and LTE for a seamless plug and play experience
Open API allows for cross platform functionality and connectivity with multiple devices
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The Technical Aspect

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Independent and secure cellular network
LoRaWAN radio interface for up to 1000m of optimal range
Battery operated with non-volatile memory ensuring data is not lost during power failures
Multi purpose application support (e.g. Modbus reader, pulse counter, CT trader, flood detection, vibration sensor)
Compatible with the majority of 3rdparty sensors and meters
Durable, water resistant gateway (IP68)

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