Energy Audits Made Simple

Your first step towards Energy Savings.

Energy Audits completed by our consultants will find energy saving opportunities for your business. 

1. Walk through audit 

A walk through audit is the first step in realizing what opportunities lie ahead.

2. Systems are analyzed

Once the walk through is complete, systems which can be further studied are outlined.

3. Savings are estimated

Saving estimates are calculated and a one page summary for each potential project is provided.

4. Other areas of improvement

Other issues can also be addressed as part of the report - for example; low lighting levels.


of the audit is covered through government incentives


of the actual PROJECT may be covered by incentives

Let our experts show you how to take advantage of Ontario's energy saving programs.

An energy audit is your first step in understanding where your energy dollars are being spent. By analyzing your building's energy consumption we will be able to compare it with similar facilities and assess your energy efficiency. 

This will empower you to get your energy costs under control. Our energy analysts will use industry standard methods and equipment to conduct the audit. 

The audit report will be your go-to guide in managing your energy costs. A financial analysis will be included in the report which will outline the government incentives which are available to complete the projects. 

Energy costs will continue to go up in the foreseeable future.

Audit Report

The audit report will include a financial analysis of any energy saving projects - including payback. These projects will be broken down into categories so you can decide which ones to act on right away: 

1. No cost
2. Low cost
3. High capital cost
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