Green Leaves

Energy Management Portal 

Find Hidden Savings in your Day to Day Operations with Edgecom Energy's Energy Management Portal

Public Dashboard

  • Occupant engagement platform with real time AI powered feedback

  • Improve the sustainability of your building

  • Show the community that you’re actively focused on energy efficiency and sustainability

Bill Management

  • Bill scanning

  • Bill verification

Energy management

  • Integration with legacy and new meters

  • Sub metering by department or location

  • Real time energy cost display

  • Energy alarms

  • Weather or production normalization and baselines

  • Real time AI powered feedback

Real Time Energy Insights

Upgrade Legacy Metering Infrastructure

Easy-to-use Alarms 

Portfolio Energy Management

Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 1.54.09 PM.png

Energy Management Portal 2.0:

  • Customized to show electricity, water and gas or any other utility

  • Breakdown of power draw by device, floor and unit

  • Monthly, Weekly or Daily Data can be displayed

  • Heat Map highlights the hours, days, weeks or months in which energy consumption is higher than the baseline consumption allowing you to pinpoint areas for energy saving opportunities

  • Real time power data displayed for specific meters

  • Breakdown of energy consumption by device floor or unit

  • Shows kWh and cost for each device for a specified time interval

Monthly Peak Demand Alarm:

  • Real time facility demand

  • Monthly Facility Demand Table calculates facility cost savings though demand management efforts 

  • Everything displayed on the same portal as pTrack™ and DR

  • Shows you how many days are left in this billing cycle 

  • Estimates today projected facility peak using Machine Learning

Energy Management Portal Explained 

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