What is Demand Response?

DR provides commercial, institutional, residential and industrial consumers in Ontario with a no-risk, no-cost opportunity to earn money by optimizing how they consume energy.

The program is administered by the IESO through Aggregators (Edgecom Energy is an Aggregator). Participants receive payments for being available to reduce their load, they also receive an additional payment for actually reducing load when called upon.

Demand Response
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Demand Response accurate alerts will notify all team members to optimize curtailment efforts.

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In depth look:

The IESO (Independent Electricity System Operator) has the goal of balancing the Ontario electricity supply between generators and consumers. The DR Capacity Auction allows the IESO to call upon consumers to reduce their loads during times of stress or high costs instead of asking (usually fossil fuel powered) generators to increase their output.

This leads to improved flexibility, reduced emissions and higher efficiencies for the electricity system. Consumers who aggregate their curtailment kW and participate in DR with Edgecom Energy receive higher payments and everything else the Edgecom Portal has to offer.  

Demand Response

What is the revenuce from DR?
What is the length of a Curtailment event:
What if our facility cannot reduce load?

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Integrate Solutions

Real time energy monitoring solutions tracks curtailment efforts to optimize energy savings.

These solutions allow meters to downstream and have better visibility over operations.

Integrating with Edgecom Energy's online platform enables several energy management applications to contribute to the bottom line savings.

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“pTrack™ made our peak management for ICI easier. We got the info we needed without too many messages.”
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"pTrack™ makes our job easier and ensures that we maximize our savings from opting in as a Class A customer"
Chetan Pathak
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