Demand Response

Receive payments for collaborating with the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) by reducing your energy usage when needed to help keep Ontario's grid balanced.
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What is Demand Response?

Demand Response (DR) provides commercial, institutional, residential and industrial consumers in Ontario with a no-risk, no-cost opportunity to earn money by optimizing how they consume energy.

The program is administered by the IESO through Aggregators like Edgecom Energy. Participants receive payments for being available to reduce their load and receive an additional payment when they are called upon to actually reduce their load.

Demand Response Accurate Alerts

Demand Response Accurate Alerts will notify all team members to optimize curtailment efforts.

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In-depth look:

The IESO has the goal of balancing the Ontario electricity supply between generators and consumers. The DR Capacity Auction allows the IESO to call upon consumers to reduce their loads during times of stress or high costs instead of asking (usually fossil fuel powered) generators to increase their output.

This leads to improved flexibility, reduced emissions and higher efficiencies for the electricity system. Consumers who aggregate their curtailment kW and participate in DR with Edgecom Energy receive higher payments and the full suite of Edgecom applications through our portal.  

Here's how the process works:


Initial Needs Assessment

Meet with an Energy Analyst to review Energy Monitoring needs and solution options

Site Visit & Review

Review electrical system documentations and conduct site visit

Proposal & Agreement

Proposal includes:
Technical scope and commercial terms

Post-Installation & Implementation

View live data, analysis and insights on Edgecom Energy's webportal

Everything You Need in One Place

Real time energy monitoring solutions track curtailment efforts to optimize energy savings.

These solutions allow meters downstream to have better visibility of operations.

Integrating with Edgecom Energy's online platform enables several energy management applications to contribute to savings on your bottom line.

Demand Response FAQ

What is the revenue from DR?

$50,000 per year/MW

What is the length of a Curtailment event?

4 Hours

What if our facility cannot reduce load?

Our experience and expertise will allow us to help you identify and quantify curtailment opportunities. Some examples of curtailment opportunities include: load shifting, using battery storage resources or reducing use of lights, machines, and air-conditioning.

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