A scalable energy solution that grows with you.

Easy to install

No technician required

Cellular Connectivity

No connection to local network required

Wireless & battery powered

Long range wireless network

Easy to use

plug & play, 10min setup.


Modular & Expandable

Connect up to 1000 sensors

Open API

Cross platform functionality, connect to any legacy device

You can't control what you can't monitor

With our battery powered Internet of Things (IoT) metering solution, your full team will have access to all your facility's consumption data in real-time. We've reduced the long and complicated installation process down to under 10minutes. Integrations include electricity, water, natural gas, steam and anything else you can think of. All required equipment is shipped to you in a single box and can be installed and setup by your current staff – no special electricians or technicians required.

pTrack™ Portal

Maximize your efficiency

IoT ensures reliable, real-time data transfer for any physical devices you would like to monitor and control, leading to a better understanding of how your facility operates. When combined with our energy management portal and distributed energy resources (DER), the possibilities for integration, automation and monitoring become limitless.

All your data on one platform

Connect any sensor to our gateway to see all corresponding data in real time hosted on our portal. API's allow for cross functionality across multiple platforms including building automation systems.


● Independent and secure cellular network

● LoRaWAN radio interface provides long range communication

● Battery operated with non-volatile memory ensuring data is not lost during power failures

● Multi purpose application support (e.g.Modbus reader, pulse counter, CT trader)

● Compatible with the majority of 3rdparty sensors and meters

● Durable, water resistant gateway (IP68)

Endless Integrations

Connect any sensor to our gateway to see all corresponding data in real time hosted on our portal.

Water monitoring

Water flow and historical consumption

Natural Gas monitoring

Analyze your natural gas usage

CO2 and IAQ monitoring

Monitor air quality and CO2 levels in your operations

Power Monitoring

Real-time active and reactive monitoring



Smart Alarms

Receive an SMS or email alert when things are out of their normal range

Departmental or Machine Level GHG emissions

Measure energy and GHG emissions down to the machine or motor level

Build Baseline models

Accurately model your energy savings project impacts, right down to department or machine level

Automated Reporting

Receive PDF reports of departments or meters automatically

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