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Poor Power Factor and Power Quality could be costing you thousands of dollars in penalties every month.
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What is a Power Conditioning Solution?

A power conditioning system is by definition a device that delivers On/Off testing verified power quality improvements in voltage regulation, power factor correction, reduced harmonics and elimination of electrical transients.

Often some of the most attractive benefits are the 300 – 500 milli-seconds of ride through which is enough to ride through common utility side auto fault re-closure events which are typically less than 240 milli-second. Typical LDC reports indicate end users experience 20+ such events a year. The other attractive benefits are the guaranteed kW & kWh savings typically in the 2% range and the Save On Energy incentive.

Hundreds of customers have earned Save On Energy incentive with the installation of our Power Conditioning Devices.


Edgecom Energy's Power Conditioning Device can correct up to 11 electrical power problems

  • Eligible SaveOnEnergy incentives

  • Make equipment last longer and run more efficiently

  • Reduce emissions by reducing energy consumption

Poor Power Quality will cause:

The IESO (Independent Electricity System Operator) has the goal of balancing the Ontario electricity supply between generators and consumers. The DR Capacity Auction allows the IESO to call upon consumers to reduce their loads during times of stress or high costs instead of asking (usually fossil fuel powered) generators to increase their output.

This leads to improved flexibility, reduced emissions and higher efficiencies for the electricity system. Consumers who aggregate their curtailment kW and participate in DR with Edgecom Energy receive higher payments and everything else the Edgecom Portal has to offer.  

  • Significant Power factor penalties on your bill

  • Premature equipment failure

  • Equipment interruptions

Power Conditioning Solutions FAQ

What Power Quality Improvements will I see?

IESO Verified PQ improvements in voltage regulation, power factor correction, reduction of harmonic content and elimination of electrical transients. Plus 300 – 500 milli-seconds of ride through. Enough to ride through common utility side auto fault re-closure events which are typically under 240 milli-seconds.

Does Improving Power Quality Save kW & kWh?

Typical On/Off testing verified savings are approx. 2% of monthly bill.

Will this help with intermittent power interruptions, sags, flickers or brownouts?

Utility side auto fault re-closures with durations under 240 milli-seconds are common through out Ontario. Our power conditioning systems provide 300 - 500 milli seconds of ride through to prevent these common auto fault re-closure events from interrupting processes or tripping sensitive equipment.

Case Study

A suspension manufacturing facility in southern Ontario had a very low power factor. The Power Factor penalty on their bills was thousands of dollars a month.
Using a Power Conditioning Device from Edgecom Energy, the facility was able to completely eliminate this fee.  

The Power Conditioning system provided ride-through for voltage sags which reduced the number of power interruptions. Power interruptions have gone from an average of eight per per year, to zero in 2019.  

The facility also experienced less maintenance down-time.  Significant Save on Energy rebates further shortened the payback of this investment.

  • Increased Machinery lifetime

  • Project Cost after incentive: $17,594

  • Simple Payback: 2.12 Years

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