pTrack™ for Distributed Energy 

To optimize DER solutions such as Battery Energy Storage and take full advantage of all the benefits a DER can provide, you need the right software. Edgecom Energy’s pTrack™ DER software maximizes DER performance in a few ways:

Advanced Algorithm and API

pTrack’s algorithms model the grid in real time and make predictions of demand, energy prices and other events on the grid. This data allows pTrack to optimize how the DER should be operated.

Network Operation Center

The pTrack™ operation center, monitors the grid in real time via a secure connection and helps you optimize your resources in real time.

Advantages of pTrack™ DER

Large energy consumers can reduce rates, improve power reliability and reduce their dependence on unreliable power grids. These systems also help the power grid by providing fast responding voltage regulation and other ancillary services to the local and regional power grid.

  • Reduce Energy Costs

  • Improved energy reliability

  • Improved power quality

Ontario Class A Customers

pTrack’s accurate prediction engine has been maximizing Global Adjustment savings since 2016, never missing an Industrial Conservation Initiative CP (Coincident Peak) and minimizing the number of times curtailment is required to maximize savings. hit all 5 CP’s

pTrack™ Combined with a Distributed Energy Resource Can:

  • Lower Energy Costs with improved visibility

  • Improve energy reliability in your operations

  • Provide access to other IESO revenue streams while help to balance the Ontario grid

pTrack™ DER

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What is a DER?
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Backwards Compatibility
Integrated Solutions

Our solutions are designed to work with all types of devices and meters. If you have legacy metering infrastructure or an ancient Building Automation System in your facility, pTrack™ software can connect to and control these devices easily and efficiently.

This leads to:

  • Lower Emissions

  • Lower Energy Costs

  • Improved energy reliability

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