What is Smart Flood Detection?

Energy’s Smart Flood Detection Solution is an effective and reliable utility cost saving technology that can minimize damage caused by floods at both commercial and residential properties.

This can save your property over 10% in Insurance Premiums.


Automatic Alarms

You will receive alarms if there is a flood or extra water consumption in your building. These powerful analytics will help reduce utility bills, property damage and repair costs for your commercial or residential building.

Auto Value Shut-off

Automatically shut off water lines in buildings to help prevent water damage.

Alert Labs Partnership

Alert Labs is a Canadian Company that designs and manufactures a suite of award-winning smart sensors that use a cellular connection to provide reliable, real-time remote monitoring.

As Alert Lab official partner Edgecom Energy is your turnkey solution provider. Our consultants are with you every step of the way.

We will install sensors and meters throughout your facility and integrate everything in our easy-to-use mobile app and web-based dashboard.

Flood Detection

How much will our wireless flood detection system lower insurance rates?
Will the cost of installing a flood detection system apply to be covered by the reserve fund?
What if I don’t have wifi or electrical outlets throughout my entire facility?

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Flood Detection
Case Study

The Solution: A Smart flood detection system from Edgecom Energy was installed. The building management will receive alerts if any of the flood detection sensors get wet or if water consumption is higher than expected.

  • Cost of flood damage: $320,000

  • Insurance premium after the flood: 50% increase

  • Deductible increased from $5,000 to $50,000

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“pTrack™ made our peak management for ICI easier. We got the info we needed without too many messages.”
Yves Simard
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"pTrack™ makes our job easier and ensures that we maximize our savings from opting in as a Class A customer"
Chetan Pathak
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