LED Lighting Retrofits

Replace your lighting with LED's - improve comfort, save energy and save money.

Our team of specialists will walk you through the whole process. 

Step One: The Lighting Audit 
One of our qualified auditors will visit your site and conduct a thorough analysis of your current lighting system.
Step Two: The Proposal 
We will provide you with a proposal which includes:
a) Your current lighting system energy consumption, cost and CO2 emissions
b) New Lighting System and it's energy consumption
c) Government Incentive
d) Financial and Environmental savings calculations
We use industry leading lighting technology to achieve maximum comfort, reliability and energy efficiency. 
Step Three: Installation 
Our in-house installation team will replace the lighting system. We will also remove all of the old equipment and recycle it. 
Step Four: Support
All of our products are backed with a 5-year warranty. We use industry leading products that will get you the required performance for years to come.