Manage Your Operation


Maintenance costs

Take the first step in getting electricity and gas costs under control.

Heat, hydro and water can account for 40-50% of maintenance costs.

Take advantage of government rebates available for an energy audit. This is the first step in getting electricity and gas costs under control. 

What we can do for you

Building Commissioning

Expert recommissioning professionals will put your buildings' mechanical systems on the right track.

Benchmarking & Analysis

Comparing your energy use to similar buildings will allow you to understand how you are performing.

Booster Pump Retrofit 

One of the quickest paybacks in a building is the booster pump system. A quick analysis will get you started.

Mandatory Energy Reporting

Other cities are mandating energy reporting and Ontario is following suit. We can get you ahead of the curve.

Energy Budgeting

Modelling energy consumption will allow you to accurately budget for this expense.

Lighting Retrofit Management 

Our partners will help you improve the look and safety of your building while reducing costs.

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