Network Operations Center

Don't let your energy solution become an energy burden with rising costs. Ensure the most optimized usage of your BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems). Edgecom Energy's Network Operations Center gives you peace of mind and lets you connect and forget.
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Data-Backed Automation

Set and Forget
The NOC pairs with our pTrack® portal to dispatch electricity when you need it the most. Regardless if you're facing curtailment calls, demand response activations, or just peak hour pricing, the NOC is there to dispatch at the right moment.
Safeguard Your Operations
The NOC recognizes different factors and customized thresholds that minimize opportunity cost within your operations. The NOC also runs independently from your network so no power outages or grid disruptions can prevent your dispatches.
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Tamperproof Security

Edgecom's NOC is the only one backed by blockchain technology. Your dispatch and charging will always be protected from any malicious attempts of interference.

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