Save on Global Adjustment through the ICI Program

NEW: Our pTrack Service uses Artificial Intelligence to let you know when the peak days are!

The new regulations for the reduction of Class A down to 1 Megawatt have now been released (Update! The program is now open for 500kW or above - this is equal to monthly bills of roughly $40,000/month or more). If you have nothing better to do you can read the regulation here.

Now that the new regulation is publicly available - what does this mean for your business? For starters, this means MORE electricity customers can now participate in the Industrial Conservation Initiative (if you don't know what the program is or don't know if you can participate - see here). This program opens up a whole world of flexibility in how you are charged for electricity - by charging your whole year's Global Adjustment based on the 5 highest electricity demand days in Ontario, the regulation's goal is to reduce the province's maximum energy demand on days where a lot of energy is being used.

Let our consultants analyze your electricity bills and tell you what the potential is - most customers will save 10-30% on their electricity bill. We promise - It's not as complicated as it sounds, let us break it down for you.

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