Energy Performance Program - The new and easy way to receive incentives for energy savings

Updated: Aug 27

The IESO has released the draft agreements for the new Energy Performance Program (EPP). This program is a new approach to energy savings which takes a look at the total building energy consumption instead of looking at specific equipment. Typically, when an energy saving project is approved, the incentive is paid out for that specific project - if you replace a chiller for example, a percentage of the total cost will be rebated as a way to reduce project payback and promote efficiency.

The new program does not take into account HOW the savings are achieved. As long as proven energy savings are demonstrated, the IESO will rebate the customer for the improved energy performance of the building. This opens up a whole new way to achieve energy savings and take advantage of these limited time rebates, for example - a customer who starts a new maintenance and operations program which will save energy can take advantage of their current full time employees to receive a rebate for the energy savings. The first step in participating in these programs is making a baseline of how your building is currently performing. The good news is there's even a rebate for making these baselines.

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