Energy Efficient Lighting has Reached Financial Viability

Energy-efficient products for residential and non-residential facilities are meant to save energy, lower, utility bills, and reduce the impact on the environment. In the "absence" of 75 and 100 Watt incandescent bulbs (production and importation banned as per the Canadian Energy Efficiency Regulations 2014), light emitting diodes (LEDs) have established a stronghold in the market.

Most consumers of electricity will begin to take the LED retrofit option seriously at the point in which they can achieve a simple payback of 2-3 years or less on their investment. This where most lighting analysts/auditors and solution providers use a trick to reduce their paybacks - by slipping in maintenance costs and other factors. While these added benefits from a lighting retrofit project ARE REAL, their financial impact is almost impossible to measure without some massive over-generalizations being made. That's why you should aways think of the added benefits as a huge bonus.

Most people are shocked by how much better a building looks when the lights are retrofit with the properly designed light levels and fixtures. In addition to this, maintenance costs ARE significantly reduced by removing the ballast and placing a new fixture.

The next step is digital addressable lighting interfaces integrated in smart buildings. These can provide energy savings ranging from 25-75%, depending on the building type and activity. Building automation systems that incorporate technologically advanced products will identify and meet target light levels, efficiently produce light, efficiently deliver light, and optimize control of lighting operations. High value placed on occupant input facilitates greater productivity leading to intelligent buildings. Combining digital lighting controls with the Demand Response program or pTrack will even save you more money.

Contact us today to analyze your lighting requirements and show you how much you can save. Edgecom Energy's difference is our technology agnostic approach, we are not tied to any single lighting product vendor. This allows impartial lighting audits which will achieve the highest dollar savings and the best quality lighting project.

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