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The next Demand Response Capacity Auction is Taking Place Soon.

Demand response (DR) allows consumers across Ontario to earn revenue from the IESO while reducing their emissions and helping the Ontario grid during times of stress, to participate, all consumers need to do is be available to curtail their load (reduce their demand) during short periods throughout the year.

Edgecom Energy's deep knowledge of the IESO market, combined with our hands-on experience with energy management practices makes us the trusted Energy Management partner for some of Ontario's most recognized names.

See how Edgecom Energy's Demand Response works.

What if your facility cannot reduce load?

Our experience and expertise will allow us to help you identify and quantify curtailment opportunities. Some examples of curtailment opportunities: 

  • Dim or reduce lighting (manually or automatically)

  • Shift your production to later hours of the evening or to the next day

  • Pre-cool or pre-heat your building prior to the curtailment

  • Install a Battery Energy Storage System

  • Install Natural Gas Generators

Four benefits of participating in Demand Response

Reduced Energy Costs

Demand Response can reduce your overall energy spend and the payments go straight to your bottom line. Participants in the program receive a cheque twice a year. Demand Response creates a dependable, tangible cash flow for you.

Help the Province

Demand Response is activated during times when the grid is undergoing severe stress. By participating in the program, you are helping the province maintain reliable electricity for the places that might need it most, for example, hospitals or senior care homes.

Get Operational Insights 

Edgecom Energy’s Platform allows you to see your energy use in real time, giving you one-touch access to all your energy data. The platform also unlocks your ability to automate your DR participation (for eligible customers).

Reduce GHG Emissions

DR reduces the output from dirtier 'Peaker Plants', reducing the provincial grid's overall emissions. Participation also reduces the need for new power plants to be built.

How does participation work during a curtailment event?

Step 1. Day Before Standby

Edgecom Energy will send a day-ahead standby notice via email, phone call or text message (whichever you prefer)

Step 2. Day of Curtailment Notice

You will then receive a curtailment notice on the day of, letting you what time you need to curtail. 

Step 3. Reduce electricity consumption

During the DR event your live data is displayed on the Edgecom Energy platform so you can see your degree of curtailment from any browser in real time. The Energy Platform will give you live-real time feedback on how you are doing and if any changes are required.

See your Curtailment Efforts with Edgecom Energy’s Portal 

The 2021 Demand Response Capacity Auction is taking place December 2nd,2020.

Make sure you get the best ROI as Edgecom Energy provides the highest payment for your Demand Response Efforts. Contact us at info@edgecomenergy.ca or call us at +1 866.434.2999 to see your facility's potential Demand Response savings. 


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