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pTrack's™ accurate peak predictions reduce your curtailments and increase your

Global Adjustment savings

Edgecom Energy's pTrack™ service hit all 5 peaks with 8 curtailments during the last ICI Base Period. 

Edgecom Energy pTrack™ Portal

  • Updated every 5 minutes

  • IESO Hourly and 5-min Ontario Demand

  • pTrack™ Ontario Demand 

  • Chance of Peak Indicator 

  • Overlay of the Top 7 peaks so far on top of today's demand data

  • Your facilities' real time Power Demand

  • Instant calculation of your dollar savings from curtailment 

  • Optional: water and gas meter integration

Data Science expertise 

100% accuracy in peak predictions, never missed a peak

Curtailment Action Plan & Analysis (CAPA) Report

Maximize your curtailment

Remote Dispatch

Automate your curtailment with building system integration

pTrack™ Seasonal Outlook

Plan around potential peaks well ahead of time

How pTrack™ simplifies Peak Predictions:

Seasonal Outlook

  • Sent monthly

  • Long term forecast of expected peaks for the upcoming season

  • Summary of expected curtailment events

  • Summary of how the Ontario peaks have been changing

12 Day Ahead outlook

  • Sent every Sunday

  • 12 day ahead forecast of Top 5 peaks

  • Projected chance of peak on each day 

  • Projected peak hour on each day

Day Before Standby Notice

  • Sent a minimum of 18 hours before a potential curtailment

Day Of Standby Notice

  • Sent a minimum of 4 hours before a potential curtailment

Curtailment Notice

  • Sent out a minimum of 4 hours before a potential peak Includes the chance of peak and curtailment period

  • Curtailment period is always 4 hours or less

Restart Notice

  • Notice to resume regular operations after the potential peak event has passed

  • Summary of the peak event - was it a peak?

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pTrack™ accurately predicts and alerts you of when the ICI Top 5 peaks will occur.

Performance based pricing. If we don't perform, you don't pay.

Peak Hour alerts sent via text message, email, and auto-phone-call.


See real time energy consumption, curtailment effort and dollar savings on the pTrack™ online portal.


"pTrack was accurate. Plain and simple. It makes our job easier and ensures that we maximize our savings from opting in as a Class A customer"

Chetan Pathak, Facilities Maintenance Supervisor

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