Reliably predict peaks with less than 10 curtailment calls per year
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All Your Data On One Portal

Different large energy users impact the grid differently. Navigate the peaks better with curtailment alerts, live grid data and pricing, and peak probability, as well as your own consumption. All the insights in one place and just a click away

Trying to make sense of your consumption's effect on the grid?

Increase revenue and lower opportunity cost
Optimize your distributed energy resource strategies 
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No More Guess Work

Team working together to complete a puzzle
Provide foresight for your operations and gain flexibility and resiliency during peaks
Real-time data on how you affect the grid
Fewer curtailments to minimize productivity loss
The ability to hit 100% of peak hours
Higher savings on energy use and emissions

Be Prepared For The Future

pTrack successfully predicted 100% of all peaks in Ontario, and we plan on keeping that record.
Real-time grid demand and pricing
Insights and benchmarks into you own consumption
Personalized alerts before peaks
12 day ahead outlooks 
Co-workers analyzing graphs and data

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