pTrack's accurate peak predictions reduce your curtailments and increase your

Global Adjustment savings

Data Science expertise 

100% accuracy in peak predictions, never missed a peak

Curtailment Action Plan & Analysis (CAPA) Report

Maximize your curtailment

Remote Dispatch

Automate your curtailment with building system integration

pTrack™ Seasonal Outlook

Plan around potential peaks well ahead of time

pTrack™ Portal

  • Updated every 5 minutes

  • IESO Hourly and 5-min Ontario Demand

  • pTrack™ Ontario Demand 

  • Chance of Peak Indicator 

  • Overlay of the Top 7 peaks so far on top of today's demand data

  • Your facilities' real time Power Demand

  • Instant calculation of your dollar savings from curtailment 

  • Optional: water and gas meter integration

Chetan Pathak, Facilities Maintenance Supervisor

KIK Custom Products

"pTrack was accurate. Plain and simple. It makes our job easier and ensures that we maximize our savings from opting in as a Class A customer"

Performance based pricing. If we don't perform, you don't pay.

Peak Hour alerts sent via text message, email, and auto-phone-call.


See real time energy consumption, curtailment effort and dollar savings on the pTrack™ online portal.

What is pTrack™ ? 

pTrack™ is Edgecom Energy's service for Class A consumers in Ontario. It uses artificial intelligence to accurately predict when the Top 5 peaks will occur and sends an alert via the web-based portal, text message, email and auto phone call. 


What is the ICI Program?

Industrial Conservation Initiative. It allows large electricity users in Ontario to reduce their hydro rates while also helping to reduce the stress on the provincial electricity grid. 


What is required to qualify in the ICI Program?

To qualify for the ICI program, your average monthly peak demand should be greater than 1,000kW. If you are over 500kW and are in the manufacturing, greenhouse or nursery industries you are also eligible. Your peak demand number is on your hydro bills under 'Peak kW' or 'Demand kW'. 


What is Class A and Class B? 

Consumers who opt-in to the ICI program are Class A. Consumers who opt-out or are ineligible are Class B customers. Class A consumers pay Global Adjustment based on their Top 5 Peaks. Class B customers pay a per kWh rate. 


What is the Global Adjustment fee?

The Global Adjustment (GA) is a cost which covers a variety of different programs that are required to run the Ontario electricity grid.​ It covers the difference between the market price and the contracted rates payed to generators across the province.


What are coincident peaks (CP's) and why are they important?

Coincident peaks are the 5 hours in the year when the Ontario grid is undergoing the most stress. These top 5 peak hours are used as the basis for charging Class A customers their Global Adjustment fee. The logic behind it is that the more you contribute to system peaks, the more you should pay and the less you contribute the less you should pay.


What is "curtailment"?

Curtailment is the process of reducing electricity demand for a period of time.

Why are peak predictions becoming increasingly difficult?

As more participants opt into the program, the Ontario Demand becomes more 'flat'. Peak days and non peak days are closer together. This means picking the Top 5 from all the other days becomes more of a challenge. In essence, this shows that the ICI program is working. However, it also means predicting peaks is tougher as the margin of error is smaller.


What if I can't curtail?

Our Curtailment Action Plan and Analysis (CAPA) service will find curtailment opportunities for your facility. You will receive a report with actions and their resultant dollar savings. In nearly every case, a minimum 10% reduction in peaks have been found. In addition to your curtailment, we can help you install and operate a Distributed Energy Resource (Battery system or Natural Gas generator).


How do I receive savings from the ICI program?

Every customer's Peak Demand Factor is set during the base period (May 1,2020 to April 30, 2021), This PDF is used to calculate your bills from July 1, 2021 to July 1, 2022.


Why can't I use IESO Power Data to get the Top 5 Peaks ?

You can. Curtailing via IESO data means you will have to react more times (over 25 times a year) and there is no guarantee that you will hit the Top 5. Furthermore, you will need to track provincial peaks on a daily basis. With pTrack™ this is all taken care of for you.


How can I be sure pTrack™ will be accurate in predicting peaks?

pTrack™ has been predicting peaks since 2016 with a 100% track record. Our performance is guaranteed. This is why some of Ontario's largest energy consumers count on pTrack™

for their alerts.


How do you guarantee your performance?

If the pTrack™ model sends more curtailment notices than estimated, you will receive significant discount. If the model is unable to predict one of the top 5 peaks and notify you, the service is discounted 50%.

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