Save Big on Your Global Adjustment Costs

The Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) allows large electricity users to save up to 70% on hydro bills - our pTrack™ Service helps maximize these savings. 

AI powered notifications allow you to hit the top 5 Peaks and reduce your bills.  

Get started today on your Hydro bill savings

pTrack™ software uses Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence to predict when the peaks will occur. Our performance is guaranteed.

Deep Learning model analyzes Ontario grid, Embedded Generation and 17 other variables to predict the peak hour.

Reduce the number of un-necessary curtailments. Achieve all 5 peak days in as little as 9 curtailments. 

Receive alerts 10 days, 18 hours and 4 hours before an expected peak. Receive an alert letting you know when to restart operations. 

Notifications are sent via Phone Call, Email and Text Message when a peak is expected.

Why pTrack™ is better

Track Record 
We've been managing the ICI program since 2012. Our AI model has been accurately predicting peaks since 2016. This is why some of Ontario's largest electricity users trust us with their alerts. 
Easy to understand notifications which are sent via text message, email & auto phone call 
We only send the information you need when you need it. We will let you know when to curtail and when to restart, minimizing downtime and ensuring you hit the Top 5 peaks. We will alert as many of your staff as required.
Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence 
Our Deep Learning model analyzes IESO data, weather, embedded generation and other participants' ICI actions and predicts the peak hour with incredible accuracy. Ask us about our track-record. 
Full service which includes CAPA
If you don't know where to begin, a Curtailment Action Plan and Analysis (CAPA) can get you on the right path. Our energy engineers will audit your facility and provide a CAPA report. The report includes a thorough cost-benefit analysis of participating in the ICI program with pTrack™.

How does pTrack™ work?

1. Understand how much money you can save

Putting a dollar value on your potential savings is the first step. A CAPA Report from Edgecom Energy is the easiest way to maximize your participation. 

2. Know when the peaks are and react

Knowing when to reduce energy demand is the key to maximizing GA savings. pTrack™ Notifications and the pTrack™ Dashboard make curtailment easier and more cost-effective by reducing down-time and making peak management a simple process. 

Your all-in-one solution for Global Adjustment cost savings

Contact us today for a demo of pTrack™ or to request our peak day notice track record.