pTrack™ for Distributed Energy Resources 

Distributed Energy Resources (or DER’s) allow you to reduce emissions, reduce energy costs and improve the reliability of your electricity and heating or cooling needs.

The advantage of DERs:

  • Reduce energy costs

  • Reduce emissions

  • Improve energy reliability

  • Improve power quality

pTrack™ DER from Edgecom Energy

To optimize DER solutions and take full advantage of all the benefits a DER can provide, you need the right software. Edgecom Energy’s pTrack™ DER software maximizes DER performance in a few ways:

  • pTrack’s algorithms models the grid in real time and makes predictions of demand, energy prices and other events on the grid. This data allows pTrack to optimize how the DER should be operated.

  • The pTrack™ operation center, monitors the grid in real time via a secure connection and helps you optimize the resource in real time.

Ontario Customers:

  • pTrack’s accurate prediction engine has been helping customer’s in Ontario maximize their Global Adjustment savings since 2016, never missing an Industrial Conservation Initiative peak and minimizing the number of times curtailment is required to maximize savings

Edgecom Energy also provides turnkey Distributed Energy Resource solutions. We will provide the software, the engineering and the technology, you receive the benefits.

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