Thursday, December 2, 2021
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Green Energy Doors Open Award

Back on October 27th, the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) hosted the 11th Annual Green Energy Doors Open™ (GEDO) event. The overall goal of the event was to find and present the “Best in Class” Clean Energy Technology category winners from the list below:

  • Waste to Energy (Electricity, heat or transport fuels (e.g. diesel) from a waste source)
  • Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind, Biomass, Geothermal, Renewable Natural Gas)
  • Energy Storage (Stationary and Vehicle-to-Grid)
  • Carbon Capture & Storage (Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage)
  • Energy Efficiency and Grid Firming (Building Retrofits, C&I services)
  • Emerging Carbon Free Technologies (Hydrogen, SMRs)
  • Transportation (Electric Vehicles, Biofuels)
  • Smart Buildings (Automated Controls/AI)
  • Green Buildings (Materials, Green Roofs, Net Zero ready)
  • Sustainable Finance (Project Finance or Leasing for RE/EE, VCs/Incubators)

Edgecom Energy submitted an application for our innovative battery energy storage systems (BESS) paired with our blockchain based Network Operations Centre (NOC), and we were honoured to be named the winner of the energy storage category.

Along with the award itself, we were also invited to give a 5-minute presentation during the event giving a brief overview of our company and our innovative BESS. This session was entrusted to our CEO and founder Behdad Bahrami who gave a wonderful presentation that we hope to share in the near future.

Serving as the figurative “cherry on top”, the Minister of Energy, who was involved in hosting the event, also reached out to us to congratulate us on receiving the award. A line from this congratulatory letter that really resonated with us was when he stressed that “The role of technology in conserving energy and reducing emissions cannot be understated”. As an energy management technology company, it’s always nice to hear that the important figures involved in regulating and managing the energy industry are aware of the importance of the technology that is being developed by Edgecom Energy and all the other great companies from across Ontario involved in this space. Developing and maintaining healthy collaborative relationships with industry decisionmakers like the Minister is a crucial facet in ensuring Ontario’s grid is primed and ready for upcoming changes and modernization that are planned to occur, and Edgecom Energy is proud to be able to contribute to this process.

Edgecom Energy is now a proud member of the OSEA and looks forward to collaborating with the organization and its many partners in the near future, and can’t wait to participate in the multitude of events being hosted between now and next year’s GEDO event. Having the opportunity to work alongside and connect with so many up-and-coming Ontario based energy tech companies is truly an honour and we can’t wait to get more involved with the great community the OSEA is putting together.

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