Monday, April 5, 2021
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Why Edgecom Energy?

Our Mission

We reduce energy costs and emissions for large energy users by helping decision makers understand, improve and control how they consume energy and water. This is achieved through solutions that involve a combination of custom software and hardware, and our team's uncompromising focus on customer success and customer service.

Our Customer Promise

We are Accessible
Pick up the phone or email us. We are always here to help and you don't need to jump through hoops to have your questions answered by a real expert.

We are Honest
We are energy consultants and we take this seriously. We will always give you the truth and allow you to make the best decision with all details in hand.

We are Fair
We're in it with you for the long-haul, that's why we don't offer anything we wouldn't want for ourselves. From how we price our products to how we write our contracts. Everything we do is with fairness for the end-user in mind.

We are Innovative
We will go the extra mile to ensure our clients' optimize their energy consumption. Sometimes this means we need to re-invent how things are done.

Our Approach to Energy

Understand - Interpret Energy in a New Way
Understanding how and when to consume energy is the key to managing energy costs. With Edgecom Energy's solutions, we help you view energy consumption in a new way.The Portal communicates energy in a way that is easy to understand and act on. Our IoT meters and sensors make data gathering easy.

Improve - Use Less to Achieve More
Our partner network, including our sister company Circuit Energy, allow us to deliver the solutions you need to improve energy efficiency. This includes equipment upgrades and process improvements. All of the products and systems we implement have IPMVP verified energy savings - so you can rest assured that the savings are confirmed.

Control - Energy Supervision and Management
Our Network Operation Center, powered by pTrack™, allows us to aggregate your energy data and make momentary improvements to how your energy is managed and consumed. This includes Demand Response, Peak Predictions, HOEP forecasting and more.

Future of Energy - Our Approach to Energy Storage

Edgecom Energy’s vision is to enable the benefits of efficient energy consumption for large energy users. Battery Energy Storage Systems are one of the most cost effective and easy to implement solutions large energy customers can deploy to reduce their costs and improve how they consume energy.

Edgecom Energy’s team has deep technical, logistical, and financial knowledge of Distributed Energy Resources. Our team has spent decades working with DERs such as Batteries, Natural Gas Generation and Solar.

This experience has highlighted the issues consumers face in procuring and installing these resources and that’s why we created pTrack™ Energy Storage.

Our experience in DERs, combined with our in-house software expertise allows us to cut out the middle-man and bring you more savings. Everything from selecting the hardware, running the Network Operation Center, the pTrack™ Software and the management of the DER asset is handled by our in-house team. This leads to the best financial offers and the best customer service in Ontario.

Meet Our Founder & CEO

Behdad Bahrami is Founder and CEO of Edgecom Energy, he started the company with the goal of making energy management as easy as possible for large electricity consumers. Edgecom Energy realizes this goal by providing the tools and consulting services consumers need to reduce their costs and emissions.

Prior to Edgecom, Behdad was an Energy Manager for one of North America’s largest plastics manufacturing facilities where he received a first-hand look at the difficulties and issues customers face in trying to improve their efficiency. During his tenure in the plastics industry, Behdad saved 29,729 MWh of energy in 3 years, which is higher than 6 years of combined savings achieved by 45 Ontario local distribution companies.

Behdad graduated with a Bachelor in Engineering from McMaster University, he is also a Certified Energy Manager (CEM), Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP) and Certified Energy Auditor (CEA).

When not in the office Behdad enjoys camping, gravel biking and snowboarding. 

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