Energy Saving Projects

Let us help you get your energy efficiency projects started.

How to achieve energy savings?

Equipment Upgrades

Equipment upgrades are more comprehensive changes that typically involve several energy retrofit measures across several building systems.

Some examples would include replacing windows and doors, replacing heating and cooling systems with more energy efficient systems or replacing lighting.

Operational Changes

Operational changes are low-cost measures that are easier and less expensive to carry out but still make considerable reductions to your energy bill. 

Some examples would include modifying operational schedules, building commissioning and upgrading your BAS system.

Why invest in energy saving projects?

By investing in retrofits that make your facility more efficient, you will drastically lower your energy costs, reduce maintenance requirements, create a better work environment for your employees, and reduce your overall environmental footprint. 

Edgecom Energy solutions will take the hassle out of upgrading your energy consuming equipment. Our team of professionals will guide you through the whole process, from analysis, to project management and verification.

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